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Your phone is all you need to stream live events.

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stream live events.

We help you do that.

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Who is our platform designed for?

Experience Live Coverage from Outdoor Locations, Ideal for, Reporters and Influencers who value exceptional video quality. 

Seamless Smartphone Connectivity Anywhere Through Advanced Cellular Bonding Technology

Unlock the Benefits: Superior Live Production and Quality + Wide Distribution – Our Player on Your Website, Alongside Restreaming to Social Networks!

Live Video Transmission
Professional Live Video Transmission

Professional Overlays for your Live Transmission

Elevate your live transmission with expertly crafted overlays, featuring lower third captions, brand logos, live sports scores, and team flags. Deliver the dynamic essence of professional sports TV to captivate and engage your audience.

Live Engaging Player

Host Your Live Streaming on Your Website, Amplify Traffic and Engagement with Our Dynamic Live Player. Be seen with superior Video Quality Even in Live Conditions.

Live Streaming on Website

Omnistream covers a diverse range of industries.

Digital Media & News

What will you get? End to end live solution, from video acquisition, interview mode to scalable play out and distribution.

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Influencer Live Streaming Across Social Networks:

Empower Influencers to Become Dynamic Broadcasting Channels: Simultaneously Stream Across Multiple Social Media, Unleash Amplified Exposure, and Multiply Impact

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Stream from any DSLR camera.

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White Label Solution

Apps wanting live streaming capabilities.

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How it works

5 Simple Steps to Broadcasting

By leveraging the power of smartphones, we deliver a reliable cellular uplink channel that significantly reduces the high costs of Cellular Bonding hardware.

Find out how


Video is captured from a smartphone’s camera or any DSLR (connected with an HDMI to USB-C cable). Best possible quality.


Graphical Enhancements

Add Logos, Titles, and Lower-Thirds Before Transmission for Visual Impact


Uplink boosting

Optimizing Quality Through Combined WiFi and Cellular Uplink for Seamless Transmission



Pre-distribution: the video can be edited using OBS / vMix. The bonded video stream is sent from our cloud-server to multiple social networks in parallel, custom RTMP and SRT.



Our video player can be integrated in any website as an iFrame (including the CDN & transcoding services). In addition to being streamed to  Multiple Social networks.


Best Live Experience. Always Live.

Safe Streaming

Unprecedented video quality

Allows going live up to 4K or full HD from a smartphone.

Live Streaming

Boost Website Traffic with High-Quality Live Streaming

Engage and Attract More Visitors!

Live Video Recording

Low cost TV grade live video production

Achieve Professional Results Easily

Ready to stream?

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How can I start streaming live now?


Watch this tutorial to find out how:

Can I stream SRT live to OBS or VMIX?


Yes! Find out more about it:

How can I stream from a DSLR or any other professional camera using my smartphone?


You can do that by using the “Omni Capture” feature and an HDMI capture adapter (UVC to Type C). Watch this tutorial to see how:

Can I share the live video to my website?


Yes, our solution includes a live video player. Find out more about it:

How is the live video maintained in high quality?


We are simultaneously using our proprietary live boosting technology, cellular & WiFi, or multiple cellular operators. Find out more about our technologies:

Can I stream to multiple destinations like Youtube, Facebook and Twitch simultaneously?


Sure, just add a destination! Don’t forget that you can always watch and share the Omnistream player. See how:

How can I update live scores during sports events for overlay?


Check out our detailed video tutorial that walks you through the step-by-step process of seamlessly updating live scores as overlays during sports games. Watch the video here and enhance your live sports coverage like a pro!

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