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End to end video streaming platform

Our patented solution guarantees video stability by boosting the uplink stream using multiple smartphones in the area, along with available WiFi or hotspots. The stream securely travels to our cloud, while error correction ensures the safe arrival of all video frames. Our dynamic encoder employs H.264 compression, ensuring excellent quality even at low bit rates

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Stream up to 4K Live Video from Your Smartphone Camera

Experience the power of our platform, where cutting-edge technology meets convenience and versatility.

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Live Booster, Decentralizing Uplink Resources

Leverage multiple cellular connections and WiFi to create a robust, high-bandwidth connection. This advancement enhances internet reliability and speed across varied scenarios, from remote locations. The Omnistream solution ingeniously employs multiple smartphones as transmitters, eliminating the need for cumbersome and expensive communication equipment. Moreover, the combined WiFi and cellular integration ensures stable bitrates and sustained video quality throughout the entire event

What We Offer

Our Live Video Solution

Our platform handles the construction and transcoding of your video, ensuring its readiness for diverse streaming possibilities


Omnistream Live Player

Engage your audience with our custom-built live player, delivering a captivating viewing experience on any screen type.

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SRT to Studio for Remote Production

Seamlessly transmit your video feed using the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, enabling remote production workflows for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

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RTMP to Social Media Platforms

Expand your reach and connect with a broader audience by simultaneously streaming to popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch. Our platform effortlessly handles RTMP integration, allowing you to engage viewers across multiple channels simultaneously.

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Managed Service: External Camera Capturing, Integrated video player

Enabling the capturing of HDMI signal from external DSLR cameras or of a computer gaming screen. Powerful H265 encoding streaming HD and even 4K.

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Uplink Booster

Our patented technology seamlessly bonds cellular connections and WiFi into a unified, high-bandwidth connection

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Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Our platform handles video construction, transcoding, and prepares it for diverse streaming options, all set for scalable expansion

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Cloud Multi-Platform Streaming

This approach ensures that smartphones prioritize delivering high video quality to the cloud, optimizing available bandwidth, while the distribution to multiple destinations is done by our cloud infrastructure

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How it works

Our Live Video Solution

Leveraging multiple smartphones increases bandwidth, enhances stability, facilitates live editing and audience participation, and guarantees seamless live transitions, replays, and recordings

How it works

External Capture Device

We capture video from the external HDMI to Type C adapter and treat it as if it's the smartphone camera.
You can even stream your computer screen or any external camera with an HDMI output.


How can I start streaming live now?


Watch this tutorial to find out how:

Can I stream SRT live to OBS or VMIX?


Yes! Find out more about it:

How can I stream from a DSLR or any other professional camera using my smartphone?


You can do that by using the “Omni Capture” feature and an HDMI capture adapter (UVC to Type C). Watch this tutorial to see how:

Can I share the live video to my website?


Yes, our solution includes a live video player. Find out more about it:

How is the live video maintained in high quality?


We are simultaneously using our proprietary live boosting technology, cellular & WiFi, or multiple cellular operators. Find out more about our technologies:

Can I stream to multiple destinations like Youtube, Facebook and Twitch simultaneously?


Sure, just add a destination! Don’t forget that you can always watch and share the Omnistream player. See how:

How can I update live scores during sports events for overlay?


Check out our detailed video tutorial that walks you through the step-by-step process of seamlessly updating live scores as overlays during sports games. Watch the video here and enhance your live sports coverage like a pro!

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