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Understanding the Role of SRT in Live Video Streaming

Many trends come and go, but we all know that live videos are going to be the talk of the town for many years to come. In a world where marketing and promotion have become a necessity for exponential growth, the growth that live video streaming promises is second to none. This holds true for all businesses ranging from SMBs to global enterprises as live videos can connect you with the target audience and give you a good head start on your journey to success.  

What is SRT and why should you know about it? 

As businesses and solo influencers look to take advantage of the latest trends and features on social media platforms, there is a high chance that you will be seeking ways to leverage live videos. However, there are a plethora of obstacles that lie between you and live streaming success.  

Poor or unstable network connections are one of the major obstacles when live streaming videos as they prevent you from matching the demands of the audience, which settles for nothing but high-resolution videos. Further, videos that aren’t streamed in the highest quality could also have a negative impact on the business as they don’t leave a good impression on the viewers.  

SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transport and is an open-source, video transfer protocol created for optimal streaming performance regardless of the high or low quality of the network. It enables a secure stream and firewall traversal, allowing users to bring the best quality videos to the public without fail.  

SRT protocol is the best way of delivering a worthwhile experience to your audience each time they watch your live streams. Most businesses and individuals use live videos to take the latest information to the public or for announcements and offers regarding future events. Since these latest bits of details are crucial, high latency and glitches in live videos can prove to be a major setback. Therefore, using SRT is a must. Further, this protocol can save you a significant amount of money that you would have to otherwise spend for procuring top-quality equipment that helps establish quality networks in unstable networking zones. The key benefits of SRT include: 

  • Stability 
  • Low Buffering 
  • Hassle-free Firewall Traversal 
  • Sub-Second Latency 
  • Codec Agnostic 
  • Security 

SRT in Production 

SRT also becomes an instrumental part in remote video production, which itself is necessary for optimum video streaming as the ideal live videos for news websites, sports streaming sites, and other platforms for influencers would include expertly crafted overlays such as lower third captions, brand logos, live sports scores, and team flags. Remote SRT production proves to be effective, impactful, speedy, and economical for all types of videos. In the fast-paced world where the audience demands more engagement, utilizing the SRT protocol can provide you with the competitive edge you need. 

Trust Omnistream for Live Video Streaming Solutions 

We help you tap into the true potential of SRT, as our app utilizes this protocol to deliver high-quality videos across all online platforms. Use our app to create and share superior videos to your audience straight away through a smartphone now!

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