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MyKey - Growing Social Network Engagement

Omnistream provides MyKey with a long-term solution to quickly grow its social network and enhance real-time engagement of members with In Real Life (IRL) streaming                                              



MyKey is an Israel social network seeking to generate new connections and friend ships, pages and groups. It strives to grow a community that provides members with a platform that offers freedom of speech, irrespective of political association.



To grow, MyKey sought to deliver the engagement, user experience and interaction demanded by today’s social networks. They wanted a solution that would provide members with IRL streaming of live events – from street happenings and conferences to selfies and interviews – for sharing thoughts and opinions with the MyKey community, in real time.



MyKey selected Omnistream to upgrade its network because it was the easiest solution on the market to implement IRL streaming. Based on a private cloud and an SDK provided directly to the app, Omnistream offered an end-to-end solution which required minimal additional developments and delivered a paradigm shift in engagement.

This is possible because the Omnistream solution utilizes smartphones as cellular and WIFI transmitters, thereby eliminating the need for cumbersome and expensive communications equipment. And the smartphones can even hook up to a single professional camera to broadcast in real time. In this way, Omnistream leverages the power of smartphones for live video streaming in social network through the transmission of high-quality, live video in real time, from anywhere with cellular coverage. This enables the delivery of affordable, easy-to-use, TV-production-quality live video that can be edited in real time.


Consequently, the Omnistream solution is suitable for any application that involves engagement with users/audiences. Typical examples of use cases include an extensive range of networks, from hobbies and sports to news and people/gender/occupation-specific communities.

For video content creators, the Omnistream solution enables:

● Better Acquisition: More cellular/data bandwidth and stability through uplink booster technology.

● Improved Production: Utilization of mobile and cloud technologies for interaction and editing of live content.

● Increased Mobility: Leveraging of smartphones or DSLR cameras to broadcast live moments at any time.

● Easier Distribution: Use of the Omnistream SDK as a broadcast channel to attract more traffic to live events and enhance engagement.



●  Platform-as-a-Service: MyKey received a white label cloud infrastructure and hosting services to grow its social network.

●  Unprecedented Video Quality: Unlike any other communication mechanisms such as Zoom or WebRTC, the Omnistream SDK delivers live broadcasting at up to 4K or full HD from a smartphone.

●  Full Integration in MyKey Social Network Distribution: Viewers can watch live sessions on any smartphone/tablet/PC, at any internet connection speed.



Omnistream offers a paradigm shift in engagement, leveraging the power of smartphones for the transmission of high-quality, live video, audio and data in real time, from anywhere with cellular coverage. This results in a cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable software-based cellular bonding solution.


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