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Tribe TV outdoor live broadcasting


Tribe TV https://tribetv.in,the satellite channel in India dedicated to communities focuses on broadcasting content that showcases the culture, issues and achievements of tribal people. Their aim is to provide a platform for these communities to share their stories with an audience.


Despite having a following and a unique content niche, Tribe TV encountered difficulties in broadcasting content from remote tribal areas. These regions often lack the infrastructure for live broadcasting methods making it challenging to showcase real time events, rituals and interviews with tribal members.



To overcome this challenge Tribe TV partnered with Omnistream a company specializing in video broadcasting from the field to television stations. Omnistream provided Tribe TV with user-friendly live video broadcasting solutions that can function effectively in remote locations with limited infrastructure. With this technology in place Tribe TV was able to stream video to their satellite channel ensuring high quality broadcasts without interruptions even from the most distant tribal regions.



Omnistream equipped Tribe TVs field teams with its app, running on Tribe’s smartphones. By bonding both Cellular & WIFI, the field teams achieved good and stable broadcast quality in outdoor conditions, using the smartphone’s camera or DSRL to capture video.

The content that is generated from the field is broadcasted live in Tribe satellite channel, as well as its website.



The collaboration with Omnistream revolutionized Tribe TVs broadcasting capabilities.

Expanded Reach - Live broadcasts from areas attracted a larger audience who were captivated by the genuine and real time content.

Improved Content Quality - The transmission of high-quality videos ensured that the cultural richness and intricate details of life were presented accurately and beautifully.

Enhanced Flexibility - The ability to broadcast live from any location empowered Tribe TV to cover events and stories as they unfolded providing them with flexibility.

Increased Audience Engagement - Viewers could now witness ceremonies, interviews and events leading to interaction and engagement with the channels content.

Deepened Mission Accomplishment - By overcoming technical barriers Tribe TV was able to fulfil its mission of amplifying the voices of India’s communities.



The partnership with Omnistream played a role in elevating Tribe TVs broadcasting capabilities. This enriched their content offerings. Also strengthened their connection, with both tribal communities and a broader audience.



Omnistream offers a paradigm shift in engagement, leveraging the power of smartphones for the transmission of high-quality, live video in real time, from anywhere with cellular coverage. This results in a cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable software-based cellular bonding solution.


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