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Professional live video transmission from mobile phone with the highest quality and resiliency

Today, mobile phones are increasingly being used to create content and transmit it to millions through live streaming. It provides an affordable way to create live broadcasts on the go with your smartphone. Professional quality live video transmission with the help of a mobile phone is not only convenient but you can quickly share news and information with your audience. Though you can do editing on your PC after uploading VOD, however, the charm of live streaming is unedited footage straight from your mobile.  

To host your stream, you should use a professional live video transmission app, such as Omnistream, that gives you access to many professional features, such as security, monetization, branding customization, tech support, and more. The platform lets you experience live coverage from outdoor locations with exceptional video quality. Reporters and influencers may find this feature of the professional live video transmission app very useful. You can elevate your live transmission with expertly crafted overlays, featuring lower-third captions, brand logos, live sports scores, and team flags. Teams can deliver the dynamic essence of professional sports TV to captivate and engage with their audience.  

Real-time updates  

With live engaging player of Omnistream’s professional live video transmission app, you can host your streaming on your website, amplify traffic and audience engagement. You can create visually captivating live streams that stand out in a crowded digital landscape. You can also seamlessly integrate diverse brand elements for enhanced recognition, incorporate real-time updates, and manage it all remotely. Omnistream’s professional live video transmission app allows you to transform your smartphone into a professional camera with a Type C to HDMI adapter. Scalable video playback allows you to extend your live streaming hours without constraints.  

Live video transmission for mission-critical coverage  

Omnistream offers a wide range of solutions for professional live video transmission, so you can transmit reliably the highest video quality. You can reach out to a wider audience by automatically adding highly accurate subtitles to your live streaming. The application provides end-to-end video contribution and distribution solutions with the highest level of quality and reliability. The mission-critical solutions offered by Omnistream’s professional live video transmission services for global newsgathering and live productions. The future-proof solutions let you go live under the harshest cellular conditions with the highest resiliency and video quality.    

Eliminating the need for cumbersome and expensive communication equipment

You can share your live content cost-effectively with multiple stakeholders and media groups. The application offers an intuitive and reliable way to share live news content. The app allows you to leverage multiple cellular connections and Wi-Fi to create a robust, high-bandwidth connection. This advancement enhances internet reliability and speed across varied scenarios, from remote locations. Omnistream’s professional live video transmission solution ingeniously employs multiple smartphones as transmitters, eliminating the need for cumbersome and expensive communication equipment. Moreover, the combination of Wi-Fi and cellular integration ensures stable birates and sustained video quality throughout the entire event. The platform handles the construction and transcoding of your video, ensuring its readiness for diverse streaming possibilities.  


Discover the power of Omnistream's professional live video app for seamless mobile broadcasting, offering quality, branding, and real-time updates. Elevate content, reach wider audiences, and eliminate equipment constraints.

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